Export a Cinema Database from ParaView 5.7 using the Nyx Tutorial Dataset


Setup ParaView GUI with the dataset

Setup and export the Cinema database

RenderView1         Cinema image database (*.cdb)

Update the path under Root Directory to point to the expected output directory:


Select File -> Export Now to export the Cinema Database.

You can watch the Time counter at the top. There are 5 timesteps (0 to 4). When the timestep counter gets to four and the frame resets, the export will be finished.

View the nyx.cdb in the CinemaCompare viewer

Open CinemaCompare in Firefox:

$ firefox materials/cinema_compare.html

If you do not want to run the workflow, you can still look at an example database:

$ firefox materials/example_compare.html

Use the sliders to explore the Nyx Cinema Database.


This tutorial uses a dataset from the open source Nyx cosmology simulation:

A. S. Almgren, J. B. Bell, M.J. Lijewski, Z. Lukic, E. Van Andel, “Nyx: A Massively Parallel AMR Code for Computational Cosmology” Astrophysical Journal, 765, 39, 2013. https://amrex-astro.github.io/Nyx/index.html